Service for property seekers

Are you looking for a building site or an immoveable property in the administrative district of Tübingen, Reutlingen, Stuttgart or elsewhere?


Acrux-real estate will gladly include your application in our data bank and render your property request.

Herewith you will have the following advantages:

  1. Your application is free of charge and it is not binding.
  2. When acrux-real estate has found the suitable property for you and has included it in our portfolio, you will be the first to be informed before it gets published in the real estate portals.
  3. Phone us and inform acrux-real estate of your search instructions, so that we may incorporate them. Whether it is a request for an apartment, house or building site, acrux real estate will fulfill your wishes as soon as we can produce a suitable property.


Do you want acrux-real estate to purposefully hunt for your dream property?

Please understand that if you want me to find the suitable house, appropriate apartment or amazing building site for you, I shall acquire your written instructions to do so. You may revoke this permission at any time, in a written form.

Only in this way, can I make it a priority matter and attend intensely to your requests in order to, for eg.:

  • search for you for the appropriate real estate in the internet
  • establish contact with sellers, landlords and other persons
  • make residential area enquiries
  • conduct price negotiation with regards to the sale/rental price
  • viewing the properties in advance for you
  • request the real estate papers and evaluate them accordingly
  • co-ordinate appointments
  • clarify discrepancies
  • place advertisements
  • put in search assignments
  • and much more

If I have gained your interest, please contact us, free of charge and unbinding, under the phone number:
Fax: 0049-7071-9145679
Mail address:

For further information do not hesitate to contact us!