You probably think the same as most of our clients. Those, who wish to sell their immoveable property, want to do so accordingly. Due to costly marketing strategies, everyday consumer goods are presented in a different price category to similar competitive products. We know that the first impression is the determinative impression and the decisive factor. Through a high level presentation, acrux estate agents give your home a sense of prestige, right from the beginning.

As well as in the economy, we also have supply and demand in the real estate sector. This has a decisive influence on the price. Possibly, only the one really interested buyer will suffice. If this person realizes though that he is the only prospective buyer, it will not motivate him/her to make a decision to buy, and, it will weaken your position when negotiating. Should the interested party feel that your immoveable property is in high demand, it will have a gripping effect on the client, from which it is hard to withdraw. We all want objects that have a limited availability and things that are desired by others. This influences the prospective buyer’s decision to purchase, and, your sale proceeds. Because acrux-real estate is daily involved with people, who are looking for a living space, we shall create the necessary demand for your immoveable property.

A study amongst 2000 American car dealers revealed that people feel better when they believe they can influence the outcome of the negotiations themselves, even if they have to pay substantially more, as a result of it. You can definitely calculate a reasonable negotiation breakdown in the offered price, but you should not declare this as the basis of your negotiation. To not have the last word and give the final ok, is very effective and puts one in a stronger position when negotiating. In this way one does not make hasty concessions and we can subsequently go through the offers and options together in a selective fashion.

A good personal relationship forms the basis of all my procurements. Because 95% of a prospective buyers’ decision is emotional, feelings determine everything. Before you start thinking rationally about a purchase, your subconscious has already, based on your feelings, determined the direction of your rational decision. If a prospective customer has been well treated professionally, right from our initial contact, at the viewing and up until the appointment at the notary, and this person has been imparted with a good feeling, then the client will become the buyer.

I am your estate agent who guarantees output.

Acrux-estate agents guarantees the course of action that we undertake for you. Your immoveable property requests specialized marketing, that means a qualified concept.
Acrux-estate agents offer this to you. Here follows a brief insight into our spectrum of customer service. Each immoveable property is unique, therefore I decide on the way of proceeding individually with you.

We offer an obvious tangible service!

  • Houses, apartments, building plots
  • Examining all the documents pertaining to the sale, e.g. building control office, Land Registry
  • Market orientated value assessment. Valuation of your immoveable property
  • Ground plans will be drawn up by a graphic designer, in a way conducive to business
  • Professional photo shooting
  • Making of a video / compiling a slide show – according to the property, by arrangement
  • Compiling a professional, effective advertising exposé
  • Specialized modern marketing measures, for example, announcements, pamphlets and advertising signs
  • Group targeted marketing
  • Data bank entries into all the important real estate portals
  • Coordination with interested buyers, including those from our own data bank
  • Filtering out frivolous and improper contacts
  • Presenting and showing the property in a way which attracts prospective buyers who feel at home immediately at the viewing
  • Putting up the ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Hire’ signs directly at the property
  • Coordination with other estate associates
  • Working together with experienced building contractors, architects and skilled tradesmen
  • Viewings and coordination of all the appointments
  • Innovative marketing styles when these are requested:
    • Open House – an open viewing day for the public over a specific time span
    • Bidding procedures, namely selling the property timely for the highest bid offered, that the property market is willing to pay
  • Commitment to selling and renting
  • Evaluating potential buyers or tenants
  • Evaluation of credit worthiness and assistance with financial questions
  • Compiling the necessary documents for the financial plan
  • Drawing up a suitable sales agreement
  • Overall sales transaction, preparation of all the formalities and accompaniment to the notary
  • Voluntary disclosure of confidential information from the tenant
  • Drawing up a rental agreement according to current law
  • Completion of the rental contract
  • Delivery of property – house or apartment
  • Arranging well-established services, for example moving and renovations
  • Assessment afterwards
  • etc.

We are always available for you, upon appointment, at all hours of the day. We value tangible service!
Tel.: 0049-7071-9145678

Do you want to sell your property?


The sale of one’s own imoveable property is the biggest deal in someone’s life.  Therefore, it is rather amazing how carefree many people treat this topic.

A suitable sales price and a speedy sale have the highest priority when selling ones’ real estate. With  the support of competent experts, both these goals are easier within reach. Acrux-estate agents is your competent partner in this respect. We turn/convert your sales interest into highly efficient sales success.

My potential output with regards to  the selling of apartments, houses and building plots comprises the following :


  • market-orientated value ascertainment
  • determining the suitability for possible building
  • acceleration of the sale by means of using own data combined with that of possible buyers, as well as, using the extensive real estate network.
  • target-group orientated presentation of the real estate in the publicity in all the important real estate portals , printed media , as well as, in our own office in Tübingen.
  • presenting and showing the real estate properties in such a way as to attract possible buyers and make them feel at home immediately once entering and viewing your home.
  • financial examination and arranging of the financing
  • credit worthiness of the buyer
  • a complete winding up of the sale transaction . Preperation of all formalities for the appointment at the notary, as well as accompanying you to the notary
  • accompanying you to your new  apartment or home for the handing over.
  • working together with accomplished architects and building constractors
  • advise on  and recommendation of skilled tradesmen and technical companies for the required /necessary renovations and redevelopments
  • etc.


Acrux-real estate will estimate the value of your immoveable property, free of charge.

We shall take elaborate measures and do a thorough work-up in order  to sell your property in the given space of time . We shall inform you of the value to be esteemed.

All of your available information will be dealt with most discreetly.


Phone acrux-real estate or send us an e mail and acrux-real estate will/we shall do a discreet market analysis of your immoveable property for you, free of charge.


I am always available on personal agreement, at all hours of the day.

We, at acrux-real estate render a measurable service!


Why should one commission one estate agent only?

When acrux-real estate receives a qualified sole contract, we commit ourselves to the active selling of your property. We, at acrux-real estate invest valuable time and marketing costs and we bear the risks of the marketing. Most of my clients decide on a sole estate agent agreement when selling their property. Should, against all the expectations, no successful mediation take place, then, naturally no commission will be charged.

Our marketing strategy is especially directed at your immoveable property. Acrux-real estate places the advertisements (makes pamphlets, does direct advertising, makes signs for the advertisements) and we commit ourselves to goal-orientated public advertising.

At acrux-real estate, a sole estate agent agreement is not the conventional sole contract. Our goal is to fulfill the wishes of our clients as soon as possible, rendering the highest quality.

Tangible service is my virtue because a contract takes place because we get on with one another !

For further information please be so kind and use our contact form!